Feature Comparison of Temperature Controlled Kettles.

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ovente electric kettlet-fal bf6138 kettleSunpentown SK-1800R variable temperature kettleceramic kettleepica electric kettletribest temperature controled kettleBonavita temperature controlled kettlecuisineart kettleoxo glass ketlleBreville 820XL temperature controlledsmeg green kettle
NameOvente Electric Kettle

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T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living

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Sunpentown SK-1800R

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W&E Ceramic Tea Kettle

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Epica Electric Kettle

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Tribest Raw Tea Glass Kettle (GKD-450-B)
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Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle (BV382510V)
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Cuisinart CPK-17 Kettle

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Oxo Glass Kettle

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Breville BKE820XL Kettle

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Smeg Retro Style Kettle (KLF02PGUS)
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Temperature Range
in °F / in °C
140°F/60°C - 158°F/70°C - 176°F/80°C - 194°F/90°C - 212° F/ 100°CLow (around 160°F/70°C)
Medium' (around 185°F/85°C)
High (boiling 212°F/100°C)
Pre-set 104°F/40°C, 140°F/60°C, 158°F/70°C, 185°F/85°G, 212°F/100°C160°F / 180°F / 190°F / 200°F / 212°F
71°C / 82°C / 88°C / 93°C / 100°C.
160°/175°/185°/190°/200°/212° F
71° / 80° / 85° / 88° / 93° / 100°C
Pre-set 115°F/45°C, 160°F/70°C, 175°F/80°C, 195°F/90°G, 212°F/100°CFrom 100°F / 38°C to 212°F /100°C.
Adjustable in 1°F increments.
160°F/71°C - 175°F/80°C - 185°F/85°C - 190°F/88°C - 200°F/93°C - 212°F/100°CFrom 170°F / 77°C to 212°F /100°C
Adjustable in 1° increments.
Pre-set 175°F/79°C, 185°F/85°C, 195°F/90°C, 200°F/93°G, 212°F/100°C 120°F/50°C; 140°F/60°C; 160°F/70°C; 175°F/80°C; 190°F/90°C; 205°F/95°C; 212°F/ 100°C
Capacity1.7 liter1 liter

1.8 liter1.6 liter1.7 liter1.7 liter1 liter1.7 liter1.75 liter1.8 liter1.7 liter
Power Consumption1100W1750W1300W1200W1500W1500W1000W1100W1500W1500W1500W
Keep WarmYesNoYesYesYesYes - 6 hoursYes - 1 hourYesYesYesYes
BPA PlasticBPA FreePlastic insideBPA FreeAll CeramicBPA FreeBPA FreeBPA FreeBPA FreeBPA FreeBPA FreeBPA Free
Weight: empty
2.1lbs / 1kg
5.85lbs/ 2.7kg
2.65lbs / 1.2kg
4.85lbs / 2.2kg
4.5lbs / 2kg
8.5lbs / 3.85kg
4.4lbs / 2.04kg
7.9lbs / 3.6kg
2.34lbs / 1.5kg
6.09lbs / 3.2kg
3.2 lbs / 1.45 kg
6.95lbs / 3.15kg
2.76lbs / 1.25kg
4.95lbs / 2.25kg
3.88lbs / 1.76kg
7.63lbs / 3.46kg
4lbs / 1.8kg
7.85lbs / 3.55kg
3.4lbs / 1.54kg
6.6lbs / 3.4kg
3.5lbs / 1.6kg
7.25lbs / 3.3kg
Removable water filterYesYes
Look & FeelBrushed nickel.
LED lights around the window change color with each different temperature setting.
Black plastic housing.
Looks cuddly and sturdy.
Great for small households.
Dark red metal retro design of stovetop tea kettleCeramic with old fashioned trellis pattern and short gooseneck spout.Stainless steel
Classic kettle look.
Double walled with glass inside and plastic outside. With blue/purple LED light.All stainless steel with elegant gooseneck.Stainless steel with blue LED light.Glass kettle with digital display.Brushed stainless steelStainless steel 50's retro style. Also available in other colors.

From $28.12
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From $32.24
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From $44.00
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Unavailable at presentUnavailable at present.$79.95
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From $57.99
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From $99.95
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From $99.95
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From $129.95
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From $219.95
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  • Randy Rutledge

    I am very fond of Epica kettles! For one, it's stainless steel. I like being able to fill it with water, press the button and walk away to do other things. I don't have to worry because it's not on the stove. It warms to the right temperature then keeps it warm. It's one of my comforts at work. Thanks for this website. Now I know where to come when I need a new one! Best, RR

    • Martin

      Thank you. You mentioned one of the best and most convenient features of a temperature controlled kettle: not to miss the right time and temperature to make your tea or coffee.

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