Tribest Temperature Controlled Glass Kettle (GKD-450-B)


It is worth saying the official name of this kettle aloud:
Tribest Raw Tea Kettle Glass Electric Brewing System

Tribest temperature controlled electric kettle
Boiling Kettle

There is a mouthful of ambitions to unpack.
Tribest – another brand name containing a possible suggestion of excellence.
Raw – refers to a water temperature; more info further down.
Tea Kettle – well, you can make tea with it.
Glass Electric Brewing System – a transparent appliance that heats and boils water to brew beverages.

Manufacturers go to great lengths to distinguish themselves from the competition – the slightly over-the-top naming of this kettle is a typical example.
Like the similar ambitious Breville “IQ” kettle – read the thorough review with some friendly mocking here.

But, this is a review and not a critical branding exercise.

The Tribest is an easy-to-use 1.7l family kettle that looks the part on every kitchen counter.
All temperature settings are pre-programmed, which is convenient, but you cannot select a temperature in between.

The frequent reader of my reviews knows that I’m fascinated by transparent kettles.
One can follow the heating process and watch how the water gets agitated until it culminates in the beautiful chaos of a rolling boil.

You feed energy into a system (in this case, a kettle with cold water) and the atoms go crazy.

How does it work?

Boiling time

To open the lid, you touch the button on top, and it will swing open.
The big kettle (1500W) boils in about 6-7 minutes.

As a visual help, a blue/purple light indicates when the kettle is on. Once the water is boiling, the auto-shut function turns light and heating off.

Temperature Settings

Tribest makes it very simple.
To boil water, you press the “Boil” button (also the “on” button for the selection process).

Tribest temperature control panel
Temperature Control Panel

To chose a pre-set temperature, repeatedly hit the “Select” button, and it will go through the following pre-programmed temperatures:
195°F / 90°C – Coffee
175°F / 80°C – Black Tea (??)
160°F / 70°C – Green Tea
115°F / 45°C – Raw (?)

I don’t have a meaningful explanation of why the 115°F / 45°C setting is called “Raw”. It just doesn’t sound right and, more importantly, gives you no clue about its function or purpose.

Pity – “Raw” is actually a cool temperature feature.
You can use warmed water for baby food (instead of using the microwave), baking (warmth activates yeast action), or cooking.
The video below will show you a few more applications.

I added two question marks at the black tea because this temperature makes no sense.
Every, and I mean, every half-decent publication, tea label or schoolchild will tell you black leaves need 212°F / 100°C.

It has something to do with the production (enzymatic oxidization – you can read more details in our excellent tea blog). If you used the indicated 175°F / 80°C, your black brew would be thin, tasteless and without substance.

Tribest should try better.

More useful Features & Benefits

Features of Tribest variable kettle
All Features

If Tribest were looking for a(nother) Unique Selling Point, the keep-warm function would be a hot contender (literally).
It maintains the selected temperature for 6 (six) energy-hungry hours!
It’s the default setting which you cannot change.

Worth mentioning that the transparent plastic is BPA free.

The variable temperature kettle comes with a standard one-year warranty.

The headless lady in the video below will show you how to use the kettle.
Spoiler alert: She likes her hot chocolate luke-warm but extremely strong.


Please click the button to check prices and availability.

The Tribest kettle is suitable for a $$ budget.

Tribest temperature kettle mesh filter
Removable stainless steel mesh filter – looks like a bird.

The Good, the Bad, and the Conclusion


  • Sufficient range of pre-set temperatures.
  • Helpful low (“Raw”) temperature setting at 115°F / 45°C.
  • Keep-warm function for up to 6 hours.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Large 1.7l capacity for a big household or office.
  • Two transparent layers to keep the outside cool.


  • Incorrect Black Tea temperature on the control panel.
  • You cannot reduce the 6 hours keep-warm period to save energy.
  • The outer plastic layer looks a bit cheap.
  • For temperature fanatics: you cannot select another temperature than the pre-programmed ones.


Transparent kettles are always eye-catchers in your kitchen or office.

The large water capacity and the broad range of temperature settings make the Tribest ideal for a busy family with small children.

Once you look past the over-ambitious name, you will get a kettle that combines the necessary features with a fair price.
What more do you want?

The Kettle Whistler

tribest raw tea variable temperature control kettle

  • Matt

    Thanks for the clear, honest review.

    Being English, I love a good cup of tea, but I'll probably skip on this kettle because, as you say, they've got the wrong temperature for their black tea setting! I drink Redbush tea too and I've heard that this is better suited to being brewed at 80c - although I don't know if that's true or not?

    I do like the transparent design though, watching water boil is mesmerizing!

    • kettle whistler

      Thanks Matt. Rooibos tea requires 90°-100°C brewing temperature. 80°C would work as well as long as you let it brew for longer (10-20 minutes at least). Still, the Rooibos might taste "thinner" with less substance.

  • angell70

    Hi & ntmu. I have been looking through and read your articles on your site. I had no idea that up there is a kettle with control of temperature, WOW! Splendid. Thank you for sharing!

    Super amazing. We have Russel Hobs with transparent glass as in your picture but doesn't have the function to control the temperature. Too bad. The next one will be with this function for sure.

    In my opinion your topic is very nicely structured and described for even the elderly people. Well done.

    Do you think there are also other colours except white to buy. I am interested.

    Thank you again for sharing.

    • kettle whistler

      Thank Angel - what does "ntmu" mean? The Tribest kettle comes only in white. You could spray-paint it with radiator paint ...

  • Ann

    Thank you for your honest review of this kettle. You mention the good and the bad. I initially didn't like that we could not reduce the 6 hours keep-warm period to save energy. But there are so many more pros than cons that they outweigh this con. I have a big household and I like the 1.7 lites capacity.

    • kettle whistler

      Thank you Ann. No product is 100% perfect - it's always a compromise.

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