Let’s Get Comfee (review of kettle with tea infuser)

comfee temperature controlled kettleYou have to admire the creators of this brand to come up with a name like Comfee. It probably works better with duvets or slippers, but it also gives you the right feeling about a temperature controlled kettle.

The difference to our previously reviewed devices is that this one comes with a tea brewing strainer within the kettle.
It enables the owner to boil the living daylights out of any decent tea leaves or to use it properly and make excellent tea.

There is something attractive and soothing about glass and water, and the sleek Comfee is no different (see also review of Brevo or the Oxo glass kettle).
The angular handle makes it look a bit old-fashioned but provides a good grip.
It also contains the controls to set the various temperatures and functions.

Featurescomfee kettle explained

Name: Comfee Temperature Control Glass Electric Tea Kettle with Tea Infuser (MK-17G01B-E5001)
Temperature range: from 50°F /10°C – 212°F/100°C
Capacity: 1.7l / 57.5oz
Power: 1500W
Keep warm: Yes
Automatic Power Off Safety Feature
Boil dry protection
Borosilicate glass with stainless steel
BPA free
Integrated stainless steel tea infuser
Weight: 3.45lbs/1.56kg (empty), 7.19lbs/3.26kg (filled)

How does it work?

The kettle has to be filled with a minimum of 500ml/17 oz water in order to use the infuser. Otherwise, the tea leaves will not reach the water level and just hang in midair.

The best way to make tea is to bring the water to the desired temperature and then lower the filled infuser into the hot water (for more about brewing tea see here).
Let the tea infuse for the preferred time (usually 2-4 minutes) and remove the strainer.

A word of advice: don’t overfill the infuser. The tea leaves will unfold and expand and need some space to develop their best flavor.

To set the right temperature use the controls in the handle. You can easily set the temperature in 10°F increments which are sufficient for all types of tea.

You can, of course, use the Confee as a regular variable temperature kettle. The infuser is removable and can be cleaned separately.

Speaking of cleaning – tea leaves tend to stain the container they are brewed in, especially metal parts

Here is a video to watch with a slightly timid lady who explains the kettle just before she is about to start her gym class.



Suitable for $$ medium budget.

The Good the Bad and the Conclusion


  • infuser for teamaking included
  • wide and easily adjustable temperature range
  • infuser easily removed and cleaned
  • good to look at and easy to handle
  • big, family sized capacity


  • tea might leave stains – more cleaning required (but you would need to clean an extra pot as well)
  • infuser doesn’t reach the bottom of the kettle, not suitable for just 1 cup/mug


If you are looking for a kettle with an infuser to produce good tea, the Comfee is a good choice.
It has the required functionality for a fair price.

comfee lifestyle + temperature settings

Where to get

To go to the manufacturer’s website: could not find one!

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  • Isabella Whitmore

    I have mixed feelings about tea infuser kettles. On the one hand they are convenient and I like brewing tea in the same pot as I heated the water in but on the other hand and this makes me seem old fashioned and tied to tradition' I like the process of pouring water on to the tea leaves in a separate pot, such is the influence of our early years. And the tea does taste better when prepared the traditional way. I am impressed by the broad temperature range of the kettle and the overall design is appealing although handle is a little angular for my taste. Regards Isabella

    • Martin

      Thank you Isabella. You are right: in the beginning, it feels slightly wrong to make tea in the kettle instead of a proper porcelain pot. This feeling goes away after you have used the kettle a few times. For high-quality tea, I would still use the traditional pot because the leaves have more room to unfold which will get you better results.

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