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Let’s Get Comfee (review of kettle with tea infuser)

comfee temperature controlled kettleYou have to admire the creators of this brand to come up with a name like Comfee. It probably works better with duvets or slippers, but it also gives you the right feeling about a temperature controlled kettle.

The difference to our previously reviewed devices is that this one comes with a tea brewing strainer within the kettle.
It enables the owner to boil the living daylights out of any decent tea leaves or to use it properly and make excellent tea.

There is something attractive and soothing about glass and water, and the sleek Comfee is no different (see also review of Brevo or the Oxo glass kettle).
The angular handle makes it look a bit old-fashioned but provides a good grip.
It also contains the controls to set the various temperatures and functions.

How to cook an Egg in an electric Kettle

There are not many good reasons why you would want to use a variable temperature kettle to boil your morning egg.

One of them might be that you are not talking to your smaller pots anymore because you had a fight with them the previous night (small pots can be slightly petty).best watched in glass kettle

Or, you woke up this morning, and it felt far too bourgeois to use the egg cooker. You wanted to live a little on edge and decided to use a primitive kettle to produce your beloved morning egg.
It made you feel rebellious and alive again.

Another scenario would be to find yourself in the middle of nowhere with just a temperature controlled kettle filled with water, your raw morning egg, a power socket and mismatched socks.
Nothing is better to come to terms with an odd and bizarre situation than enjoying a sliced, peeled or beheaded egg.

Car Travel Mug with Temperature Control

The idea of a heated travel mug for the car is clear.
You are on the move, and you need to heat something or keep it warm.

Eastmount travel mug with temperature control
Temperature controlled travel mug

It could be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, (baby) milk, soup, instant noodles or anything else you want to adjust to the right temperature.
It even cooks an egg – provided you want to wait at least 30 minutes.

Attempted Review of Temperature Controlled Car Mug

The plan was to look at a travel mug for the car with temperature control. Similar to the variable temperature kettles but without the boiling capability.

The idea is that you can heat beverages in your car, so you don’t have to drink cold coffee, tea or baby milk (the baby would drink the milk, not you unless you like baby milk).

I had selected two products from the same manufacturer:

Review of a Travel Kettle with Temperature Control

A travel kettle should be small, compact but still do the required job of heating water efficiently.nutrichef variable temperature kettle
Even better when the kettle allows you to cook noodles, soups, and eggs in it as well.
The ideal candidate also comes with variable temperature settings and is very affordable.

Meet the NutriChef kettle – which combines all of the above features.

The temperature is set with a dial on the front of the kettle. You cannot select the exact temperature, it just says “Min” on one end and “Max” on the other.

Kettle Hygiene

We rarely “decrumb” the toaster, clean the inside of the microwave or fridge.

Electric devices should just work – after all, you paid good money for them.
What we forget, is the fact that cleanliness is not about functionality, it is about hygiene.

It cannot be healthy when the bottom of your toaster develops a flourishing biotope, and the inside of your fridge’s vegetable drawer is starting to grow legs.

Hygiene is especially crucial when water is involved. It is the source of life, but you want your kettle to produce clean water and not some sort of primordial soup.

Best Match Ever: Tea and Variable Temperature Kettle

Buying beautiful, high-quality tea leaves and ruining it with the wrong water temperature sounds like a daft idea.
It is like buying the best steak and frying it in a rusty and buckled pan.
Therefore good tea and a temperature controlled kettle is a great match and one of the best reasons (if not THE best) to invest in one.

The importance of the quality and temperature of the water cannot be overstated.
Your brewed tea contains about 98% water and only 2% tea compounds (for more info how tea infusion works go to this excellent article.

If you do not get the water part right, there is very little else you can do to save the tea.

Why do we need a temperature controlled kettle?

“Don’t need one.”epica temperature controlled kettle
“Too expansive.”
“Too much hassle.”
“Just boil a regular kettle, let the water cool down, and you have the same temperature.”

These are the standard excuses for not investing in a kettle with variable temperature control.

Do you need a toaster, juicer, or microwave?
Not really. You can roast your bread in the oven, squeeze your fruits by hand and heat food in a pot.
What makes all the above devices essential is the fact that they do the job quicker, more convenient and with much better results.
The same goes for a programmable water kettle.